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WorkLifePsych club
Dr. Richard MacKinnon

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Develop your productivity, wellbeing and professional effectiveness.

About Me

I'm a workplace psychologist with a passion for people development. This includes one-to-one coaching, training and longer-term development programmes. I specialise in helping professionals with their productivity, their wellbeing and their interpersonal effectiveness. 

I have over twenty years experience in supporting individuals to attain their goals, build their personal awareness and make meaningful changes in their lives. 

I founded WorkLifePsych in 2014 to offer high quality people development and now I want to make the same resources and insight available to a much larger audience. 

Why You Should Join Me is all about growth and development. Maybe you don't have the time or flexibility to go on a training course. Maybe you don't have the budget to work with a personal coach. Perhaps you've just finished a development programme at work and want to maintain a focus on your growth. 

The community will provide the support, the interaction and the accountability of a development programme, but without the cost or the intensive time commitment.